The Twain Shall Meet
354 pages
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The Twain Shall Meet
written by Susan Bailey and genealogist Deb Gosselin,
chronicles Susanís lifelong search to find her mother. It takes you right
into the heart of Mark Twain's daughter Clara and granddaughter Nina.
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These photos are of Susan Bailey and Mark Twain's daughter, Clara Clemens, Susan's father, Elwood Bailey with Clara's daughter, Nina Gabrilowitsch, Susan's children and grandchildren, and Mark Twain's, son-in-law, Ossip Gabrilowitsch (Clara's husband & Nina's father).
Mark Twain's granddaughter, Nina, and Susan's grandson, Kyle Susan son, Greg, and Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Susan's grandson, Kyle and Nina Susan's son Greg and Ossip Gabrilowitsch (young)

Susan Lucia & Clara Clemens Gabrilowitsch

Mark Twain's son-in-law, Ossip Gabrilowitsch,  & Susan's son, Greg

Susan at 18 and Clara Clemens

Ossip Gabrilowitsch and Susan's son, Greg (older)

Susy Clemens and Susan Lucia

Susan's father, Elwood Bailey & Mark Twain's granddaughter, Nina Gabrilowitsch

Susan Clemens baby photo and Susan Bailey at 7

Susan's father Elwood Bailey with Nina Gabrilowitsch

Greg and GG Grandfather, Ossip Gabrilowitsch
Susan's son Greg and Ossip Gabrilowitsch

The Greenville News in Greenville, SC, had a front page story, June 1, about Susan Bailey and how she is related toMark Twain's granddaughter. You can read it online at The Greenville News

USA Today also has a story about Susan's connection to the Samuel L. Clemens

Thank you for visiting Mark Twain Online. We are a group of cousins researching our connection to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain.)† If you have been told of a relationship in your family we would like to hear from you and will help you research it. Meanwhile the pictures above are of one of the cousins, Susan,and her children, who may have a closer relationship than the rest of us as she knew Her "Aunt Clara" when she was a child and the family resemblances are remarkable.

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