Eileen Lucia, daughter of Charles Lucia, was descended from Ira Clemens Lucia and Henrietta Lucia's 6th child, Isaac Wesley Lucia.  She grew up an only child in Tampa and Detroit and took after her musician father Charlie. She was a talented dancer, singer and pianist. 

After her father's death in 1937 she turned to her uncle Ira Clemens Lucia as a father figure in her life.  She married and moved to Chicago with her husband so it was easier to visit him regularly in Detroit.

Eileen always knew about and believed the Samuel Clemens relationship story and she did know Clara.  Whether she met her as a child traveling with her father to Detroit, or whether she met her later through Ira is not known.  She died in Oregon in 2000.

Susan, Eileen, and Chicago cousins, Bobby and Gail

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