Ira Clemens Lucia was born on or about September 26, 1822 in New York. His exact place of birth is unknown. Daughter Marietta’s death record lists the place as Erie, New York, but other records state that he was born near Elmira.

The Mark Twain connection for our families lies with Ira Lucia. See pages for Susan Lucia and Deb Husted for stories on where the connection lies. The most common version states that Ira’s mother was a sister to Mark Twain’s father. Family lore also says that Ira Lucia looked so much like Mark Twain that he was often mistaken for him. However, to date, no picture of Ira Clemens Lucia has surfaced. If you have a photo of this man, we’d love to see it!

Ira was raised in the Waterloo area of Ontario, Canada and, on October 5, 1845, married Henrietta Springer. They had eight children. Only the four shown in blue below left descendants. Around 1876, Henrietta and Ira moved to Lexington, Michigan. They later spent time in Grand Rapids, Michigan and then returned to Lexington. Ira died there March 26, 1896. The death record does not list his parents’ names.

The 8 Children of Ira Clemens Lucia and Henrietta (Springer) Lucia

1) Marietta Lucia – Born abt 1844; died 4/9/1913; m(1) James Lever; m(2) William Penn Cutler
2) Immanuel Springer Lucia – b 3/28/1847; d 10/25/1874
3) Cynthia A Lucia – b 1/1/1849; d 3/20/1917
4) Sarah A Lucia – b 1/1/1849; d 2/9/1883

5) John Franklin Lucia – b 1/3/1851; d 4/27/1928; m(1) Eliza Ann Mathers; m(2) Carrie Wood Dean

6) Isaac Wesley Lucia – b 1/1/1854; d 8/16/1942; m(1) Harriet Churchill; (Susan Lucia's line) m(2) Rhoda Thompson

7) Aaron Jefferson Lucia – b abt 1856; d 11/22/1918 m(1) Mary Ellen Miller

8) Emma Jane Lucia – b 5/17/1859; d 12/22/1927; m Rev John T Husted (Deb Husted's line)

Henrietta Springer Lucia

From the papers of Charles Husted, which would make Mark Twain and Ira Clemens Lucia first cousins

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