Kyle 15 years old, 2007, Nina Clemens @ 1930 Susan, Eileen Lucia, Chicago @ 1947 Charlie Lucia, musician and father of Eileen. Sometimes played with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Ira Charles Husted, first cousin of Charles Lucia
Kyle, 15 (Susan's grandson)
and look alike Nina Clemens.
These pictures were taken
75 years apart!
Susan Bailey and Eileen Lucia,
great granddaughter of
Ira Clemens Lucia
Chicago @ 1947
Charles Wesley Lucia,
grandson of Ira
Clemens Lucia,
ca 1935

Ira Charles Husted,
grandson of Ira
Clemens Lucia

Emma Lucia Husted, Cynthia Husted, and little Emma Henrietta Springer Lucia on right, wife of Ira Clemens Lucia Cynthia Lucia Husted
Emma (Lucia) Husted, daughter
of Ira Lucia w/ Cynthia (Husted), Gwatkin granddaughter and Emma, great granddaughter
Emma (Lucia) Husted and Cynthia
ca 1911
Henrietta (Springer) Lucia,
(1819-1913) wife of
Ira Clemens Lucia
with Emma and Cynthia
Cynthia Lucia Husted (Gwatkin) ca 1914

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